What are Escape rooms  ?

Escape Rooms are specially designed rooms where groups of 2-6 players find themselves locked in a room and through solving various riddles, puzzles, combining items/objects, all these provide clues and information leading to the final objective which is to get out in a specific time frame . Its full of mystery and adventure.
There are also Actors in some rooms - Live Acting , where players can either collaborate with them or run away avoiding close encounters, depending upon the theme.

The time-frame of any given game, depends exclusively on the room size of your choice and variate s on the theme and difficulty selected.

Escape rooms offer recreational and thrilling experiences, everyone is a winner, its fun and enjoyable for friends and families.

How do I make a booking ?

You can make a reservation though our booking system or by calling us 2160026300 - 2160026301 - 6987470001, if you have any questions about specific times or dates.

How many people must the team consist of ?

Escape rooms are games for teams, the ultimate experience consist of a team from 2 - 6 players. Every room you select to play , its features suggest the minimum and maximum number of players.
In any case feel free to contact Get Out Escape Rooms to accommodate you further and find a tailored solution.

Room preparation and dressing code?

Plot : Every Room has its story.  To become one with the story its good to be familiar with it ! We always read the story of the room.
Time :
The ultimate goal is to be outside our gates 15` minutes earlier. The experience is based on a timely schedule like any other event. Getting late will result not getting the full game experience.
Clothing : Wear casual and comfortable clothing, like everyday occasions, crossing the center of the Amazon, crawling the underground tunnels of New York or being in a submarine trying to prevent WWIII !!

Events and Birthday parties ?

At GetOut Escape rooms our premises are available to host numerous types of events along with birthday parties. All rooms in our facilities are fully adjustable for organizing various events.  In addition there is a specially designed room for children to have fun with their friends after they have experienced our rooms.
For more information please feel free to (Contact Us)

Corporate Events ?

Here at GetOut Escape Rooms we αναλαμβάνει εκδηλώσεις παντός τύπου , όπως :
  • Birthdays
  • Name days
  • Wedding proposals
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Whatever you can Imagine !